Ōno Castle (Echizen Province)

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Echizen Ōno Castle
Ōno, Fukui Prefecture, Japan
The reconstructed keep of Echizen Ōno Castle
Site information
ConditionPartly reconstructed, though most is in ruins
Site history
Built byKanamori Nagachika
In use1576–1868
MaterialsWood, earthwork, stone

Echizen Ōno Castle (越前大野城, Echizen-Ōno-jō), also known as simply Ōno Castle (大野城, Ōno-jō), as well as Kameyama Castle, is a mountaintop castle, or yamashiro, located in Ōno, Fukui Prefecture, Japan.


Kanamori Nagachika was stationed in this area by Oda Nobunaga. Nagachika built Echizen Ōno Castle in 1576 before he was transferred to Takayama Castle in 1586, and from this point on, the castle switched between lords many times. The castle was reconstructed in 1795 after having burned down in 1775, though this time the keep, or tenshu, was left in ruins. During the Meiji Restoration, all the wooden buildings were torn down. In 1968, the tenshu was rebuilt out of concrete.[1]


Coordinates: 35°59′12″N 136°28′59″E / 35.986588°N 136.483042°E / 35.986588; 136.483042