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Developer(s) Echogent Systems, Inc.
Stable release 2.40v / May 9, 2011
Operating system Microsoft Windows, Linux
Type Remote administration
License GPL

EchoVNC is an opensource remote desktop tool with support for VNC, Remote Desktop (RDP), and RAdmin servers and viewers. EchoVNC is produced by Echogent Systems, Inc., and is based on the opensource UltraVNC platform, with modifications to include:

  • Integrated echoWare functionality
  • Vnc2swf capture for server-side logging
  • Mirage Driver support for video capture acceleration


EchoVNC differs from UltraVNC in two ways.

  • First, it is built around the echoWare toolkit, which allows it to make "firewall-friendly" Viewer to Server connections via a packet-relay server, called an "echoServer".
  • Second, the EchoVNC platform enables these firewall friendly connections not only for itself, but for other remote desktop services that are enabled alongside it, including other VNC servers, Remote Desktop and RAdmin.

The NAT-to-NAT functionality is established via echoServer. While EchoVNC itself is opensource, the echoServer is a commercial closed source software.[1] A free-of-charge server was available under the address:, but seems to be removed.


  1. ^ "In its unregistered, try-before-buy state, the number of simultaneous client connections to an echoServer is capped at four, and any data connections between those clients gets torn down after about 10 minutes."

As of today (April 30, 2013) the domain has gone and, although the source code was offered for $100 no means of contacting them currently exists.

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