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Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Echo
Detective Comics #49 (March 1941)
Myke-4 Astor
Legion of Super Heroes (vol. 4) #28 (April 1992)
Vicki Grant
Adventure Comics Presents Dial H for Hero #483 (July 1981)
Terri Eckhart
Justice League Quarterly #1 (Winter 1990)
Nina Damfino
Detective Comics Annual #8 (1995)
Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #119 (July 1999)
Created by Echo
Jack Lehti
Myke-4 Astor
Jim Shooter & Curt Swan
Vicki Grant
Marv Wolfman
Terri Eckhart
Keith Giffen & J. M. DeMatteis
Nina Damfino
Chuck Dixon & Kieron Dwyer
Greg Rucka & Mike Deodata

Echo is a name that has been used by a number of different characters in works published by DC Comics.

First Echo[edit]

The first Echo was a villain who was an enemy of Lee Travis, the first Crimson Avenger. He debuted in March 1941 in Detective Comics #49.[1]

Myke-4 Astor[edit]

The second Echo debuted in Adventure Comics #355 (April 1967) as a member of the Legion of Super-Villains, though hardly anything was known of him until The Legion of Super Heroes (vol. 4) #28 (April 1992). From the Khundish planet Calish-Aetia. the post-Crisis Echo was an interim member of the Legion of Super-Heroes during the "Five Years Later" storyline. Like his Silver Age version, Echo later resurfaced as a member of the Legion of Super-Villains. His powers gave him the ability to manipulate sound waves to destructive effect.

Vicki Grant[edit]

The next character with this name was Vicki Grant, a character in the Dial H for Hero comics. One of the costumed identities her "H Dial" allowed her to transform into was a superheroine named Echo. This iteration of the character first appeared in Adventure Comics Presents Dial H for Hero #483 (July 1981).[1]

Terri Eckhart[edit]

The fourth Echo was Terri Eckhart, a member of The Conglomerate, a group of corporate-sponsored superheroes led by Booster Gold, and assembled by Claire Montgomery, the ex-wife of Maxwell Lord. This Echo was a super-powered teen pop star. She left the team after its first incarnation, but eventually returned to it under the guidance of the British hero Templar. It appears this incarnation of the Conglomerate has disbanded as well. Her heroic activities were largely an attempt to net publicity for her music career. This Echo had the ability to redirect force or energy back at its source. This character debuted in Justice League Quarterly #1 (Winter 1990).[1]

Nina Damfino[edit]

The fifth DC Comics character to bear the name Echo was Nina Damfino, a part of Query and Echo, a henchman team for the villain the Riddler. Her first appearance was in Detective Comics Annual #8 (1995).[1]


During the No Man's Land storyline in the Batman comics of 1999, Batman clashed with a Russian assassin and secret agent named Isabella Cheranova, but codenamed Echo. Aside from being an expert marksman and hand to hand combantant, this Echo had undergone a surgical procedure called "The Turing Project" which implanted devices in her head which allowed her to telepathically read the thoughts of both humans and computers. However, the process left her unable to control these abilities so her own mind was constantly inundated with the thoughts of others and she suffered from constant headaches. Her first appearance was in Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #119 (July 1999).[1]


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