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Echo Image is a Norwegian synthpop band. The band unofficially started in 1997 when Pål Magnus Rybom started experimenting with electronic music. Later that year Fredrik Hansen joined and Echo Image was officially formed with Trine Bilet joining towards the end of the year providing backing vocals and keyboards. Bilet is featured on the front cover of the Endless Day EP.

In 1998, Echo Image recorded the Walkout EP, which was sold locally through a punk/prog label called Kvarts Musikk. Their musical style didn't really suit Kvarts, so in 2000 they signed to US synthpop label A Different Drum. Around this time Lars Kristian Holt joined as live guitarist.

The 2000 single Need To Be Proud was mixed by Apoptygma Berzerk frontman Stephan Groth, who introduced them to the Norwegian label Hard:Drive. After releasing Compuphonic simultaneously on ADD and the now defunct Bloodline in Europe, they signed with Hard:Drive and released the Endless Day EP. Echo Image accompanied Apoptygma Berzerk on the Harmonizer tour in 2002.

The 2001 Single Skulk was also featured in the dancing games Dance Dance Revolution ULTRAMIX 2[1] and Dance Dance Revolution ULTRAMIX 4[2] (Konami Remix), both for the Xbox video-game system.

The members of the band are currently Pål Magnus Rybom, Trine Bilet, and Lars Kristian Holt; Fredrik Hansen left the band in 2004, but is in contact with the band in regards to joining again.

In July 2010, a new demo song, "Things I know" was released to YouTube, along with a new interview of Pål Magnus Rybom who mentioned that he is working on a new Echo Image album.

On 1 October 2010, Echo Image played a live concert at ElektroStat.

In April 2016, new vinyl-only release, "Compulation", was released on their new label HolmByKarlsen Rekords.[3] It features the previously unreleased track, "Frame of Mind".



  1. Compuphonic (2001)
  2. Compulation (2016)


  1. Walkout (1998)
  2. III EP (1999)


  1. Need To Be Proud (2000)
  2. Skulk (2001)
  3. Standing Alone (2001)
  4. Endless Day (2002)

Remix Work[edit]

Echo Image has done remixes for a number of other bands. The mixes to date are :

  1. Assemblage 23 - Document
  2. Count to Infinity - Popism
  3. The Echoing Green - Heart With a View
  4. The Echoing Green - The Story Of Our Lives
  5. Fairlight Children - Before You Came Along
  6. Goteki - Phuturist
  7. Sweep - Emptiness, Your Loneliness
  8. Tristraum - Shiver

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