Echo Lake (California)

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For the adjacent settlement, see Echo Lake, California. For other places named Echo Lake, and other uses of the name, see Echo Lake (disambiguation).
Echo Lake
Upper and Lower Echo Lake, California
Location El Dorado County, California, U.S.
Coordinates 38°50′34″N 120°04′32″W / 38.84278°N 120.07556°W / 38.84278; -120.07556 (Upper Echo Lake)
Basin countries United States
Max. depth 303 ft (92 m)
Surface elevation 2,260 m (7,410 ft)

Echo Lake, is the name of a glacial lake—summer reservoir located in El Dorado County, eastern California, United States.


Echo Lake is in the Sierra Nevada, and within the El Dorado National Forest. The lake is approximately 2 miles (3.2 km) from Highway 50 at Echo Summit.

The lake is divided into two sections; an Upper lake, and a Lower lake. The elevation of Echo lake is maintained in summer months with a dam at 7,414 feet (2,260 m) above sea level.[1]

There has been little development beyond lakeside cabins.

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