Echo Planet

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Echo Planet
(เอคโค่ จิ๋วก้องโลก)
Directed by Kompin Keamkumned
Produced by Kantana Group
Screenplay by Warunyu Udomkangananon
Kongded Jaturuntradsame
Pornsawan Seebunwong
Jarunporn Prorapukbunlay
Story by Kompin Keamkumned
Warunyu Udomkangananon
Net Puntumasincai
Starring Nungtida Sopon
Atipich Sutiwatkagorncai
Noppant Jantarasorn
Kongded Jaturuntradsame
Warinda Dumrongpon
Directed Sound by Montre Jenaksorn
Music by Kongded Jaturuntradsame
Chadchai Pongprapunt
Cinematography Puchis Asavamahasakda
Edited by Tummarat Sumetsupasork
Distributed by Kantana Group
Release date
  • August 2, 2012 (2012-08-02) (Thailand)
Running time
90 min.
Country Thailand
Language Thai
Budget $5.6 million[1]
Box office $1.1 million

Echo Planet is a 2012 Thai 3D animation film distributed by Kantana Group directed by Kompin Keamkumned. It is the story of the adventures of three young men from two of the world's metropolis, New State Trinity Capital and Karen village in Northern Thailand. To help save the world from disaster recovery due to global warming.


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