Echthighern mac Cennétig

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Echthighern mac Cennétig, also spelled Echthigern, (died 950) was a son of Cennétig mac Lorcáin and brother of Mathgamain and Brian Bóruma of the Dál gCais in early medieval Ireland.

The historian Geoffrey Keating states that during the twelve-year period that Mathgamain held the sovereignty of Munster, "Echthighearn, son of Cinneide, was chief of Thomond."[1] Donnchuan mac Cenniedi and his brother Echthigern were slain in the year 950 when Conghalach, King of Ireland, invaded the province of Munster.[2] Echthigern was the progenitor of Irish families Anglicized Ahearn, Ahern and O'Hearn with other spelling variations, in addition to Mac Craith (McGrath, etc.), Mac Gonigle (Gunnell), and O'Quirk.[3][4][5]


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