Echus Chasma

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Echus Chasma
Echus Chasma based on day THEMIS.png
View of Echus Chasma in mosaic of THEMIS infrared images.
Coordinates 1°00′N 278°00′E / 1.0°N 278.0°E / 1.0; 278.0Coordinates: 1°00′N 278°00′E / 1.0°N 278.0°E / 1.0; 278.0
Length 100 km
Width 10 km
Depth 4 km

Echus Chasma is a chasma in the Lunae Planum high plateau north of the Valles Marineris canyon system of Mars.[1] Clay has been found within it, meaning that water once sat there for a time.[2]


Echus Chasma is approximately 100 km long and 10 km wide, with valleys ranging in depth from around 1 km to 4 km.[1][3] It is the source region of the Kasei Valles outflow channel, which extends northward from it. It is situated just west of Hebes Chasma, to which it does not connect.

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