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Eckersdorf Rathaus.jpg
Coat of arms of Eckersdorf
Coat of arms
Location of Eckersdorf within Bayreuth district
Eckersdorf in BT.svg
Eckersdorf is located in Germany
Eckersdorf is located in Bavaria
Coordinates: 49°55′57.97″N 11°30′4.43″E / 49.9327694°N 11.5012306°E / 49.9327694; 11.5012306Coordinates: 49°55′57.97″N 11°30′4.43″E / 49.9327694°N 11.5012306°E / 49.9327694; 11.5012306
Admin. regionOberfranken
Subdivisions22 districts[1]
 • MayorSybille Pichl
 • Total36.19 km2 (13.97 sq mi)
416 m (1,365 ft)
 • Total5,162
 • Density140/km2 (370/sq mi)
Time zoneCET/CEST (UTC+1/+2)
Postal codes
Dialling codes0921
Vehicle registrationBT

Eckersdorf is a municipality in the district of Bayreuth in Bavaria in Germany.


The municipality of Eckersdorf is located on the northern edge of an area called "Little Switzerland" (German: Fränkische Schweiz), close to the world-famous festival town of Bayreuth. The highest elevation in the region of Eckersdorf is the Sophienberg with an altitude of 593 m.


The present-day municipality of Eckersdorf was created in the course of municipal reform in 1978.

According to the information given by the local government, there are 22 official districts.[3]

District Population
Busbach 227
Donndorf 2110
Eckersdorf 1952
Eschen 130
Forst 149
Hardt 31
Heisenstein 3
Lahm 29
Lochau 23
Lohe 24
Melkendorf 14
Neustädtlein 165
Oberwaiz 359
Pleofen 33
Schanz 19
Simmelbuch 70
Stein 1
Tröbersdorf 64
Vorlahm 19
Waldhütte 1
Windhof 9
Wolfsgraben 3

Neighboring communities[edit]

The neighboring communities of Eckersdorf are (starting north in clockwise order): Thurnau, Bayreuth, Mistelbach, and Mistelgau.


Eckersdorf was first mentioned in 1149 in the so-called Giechburgvertrag. The Counts of Andechs-Meranien (Grafen von Andechs-Meranien) owned the current area of Eckersdorf until they died off in 1248. The lords of Berg Plassenberg (Herren von Plassenberg) acquired first property in the Eckersdorf area in 1420. A hundred years later, the lords were in full possession of Eckersdorf. After the last representative of the family died in 1552, Eckersdorf came to the Lords of Lüchau, and then it fell to the Markgrafschaft Bayreuth in 1757. As part of the Prussian Principality of Bayreuth, Eckersdorf became a French possession through the Treaties of Tilsit, until 1810, when it became part of Bavaria. In the course of administrative reform in Bavaria in 1818, today's municipality Eckersdorf was created.[4]


The results of the last elections for mayor in 2010 were as follows:[5]

Sybille Pichl, Free Voters: 54.7%
Manfred Präcklein, SPD: 45.3%


Schloss Fantaisie (north view)
Oberwaiz: forester's house, former Jagdschloss of the Plassenbergers, now used by the Evangelisch Reformed church, built in 1776

Johann Jacob Spindler built Schloss Fantaisie for Margravine Elisabeth Fredericka Sophie of Brandenburg-Bayreuth from 1758 to 1765. Today, there is a garden museum in this rococo palace.

St. Ägidius church was built in 1791 and the forester's house Oberwaiz in 1776.


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