Eckert (crater)

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Cráter Eckert.JPG
Coordinates 17°18′N 58°18′E / 17.3°N 58.3°E / 17.3; 58.3Coordinates: 17°18′N 58°18′E / 17.3°N 58.3°E / 17.3; 58.3
Diameter 3 km
Depth Unknown
Colongitude 302° at sunrise
Eponym Wallace J. Eckert

Eckert is a tiny, isolated lunar impact crater in the northern part of the Mare Crisium (a circular region of relatively dark, flat material on the surface of the Moon). This crater forms a circular pit in the dark surface of the surrounding lunar mare. Just to the west is a wrinkle ridge in the mare surface, a feature that is prominent only under oblique lighting from the Sun. The nearest craters of note are Peirce to the west-northwest, and Picard to the southwest. Both of these craters lie in the Mare Crisium basin.