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Eckhard Block (14 August 1950 in Minden) is a German journalist and publisher.

Family, education, profession[edit]

Eckhard Block was born in 1950 as the son of Martha and Friedrich Block in Minden in Germany. At the age of six years he moved with his parents to Hamburg and there he finished his education. After his study in Sweden (philosophy and theatre sciences) and in South Africa (journalism) and a 6-month visit of a tourism marketing seminar in Switzerland, he started his work as a free journalist. Within 15 years, he visited different countries around the world, and lived with minorities and tribes to report about their life-style. During this time he also wrote his books "Kinemantra Meditation", "Survival", "Professional Tour Guide" and "Tourism Marketing".

In the 1990s he founded the media & tourism agency Block International. From 2009 to August, 2012 he was the chief editor of the German information and communication internet platform "derPRANGER". There, the "derPRANGER" editors published articles about citizens, which have had negative experiences with the state,institutions, or companies.[citation needed]

Activities as an author and publisher[edit]

In 1985 he founded the publishing company "Block International Publishing" as a selfpublishing company, in 1991 the entry occurred in the Commercial Register Hamburg under HRA 85662. Topic main focus are tourism, marketing, medical depth relaxation, popular science. By his three specialist books „Professional Tour Guide", "Tourism Marketing" and "Survival", he became known in the tourism branch. His e-book "Stardust" explains the development of our planet with all his living beings and civilisations. With his e-book "KM - Kinemantra Meditation" he attained fame in the area of medical depth relaxation. Block published many other paperback books and E-Books.[1]

Further activities[edit]

Eckhard Block is also active as a seminar leader and seminar speaker concerning the areas of tourism marketing, professional tout guide, medical depth relaxation. He is also a producer of advertising videos for the tourism and music branches and is a script author for TV and movies.

Individual evidences – EPUB e-books[edit]

  • KM Kinemantra Meditation
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Individual evidences – MOBI e-books (by Kindle)[edit]

  • KM Kinemantra Meditation
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  2. ISBN 9783927145139 (German)
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Individual evidences – paperback (by Kindle)[edit]

  • KM Kinemantra Meditation
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  2. ISBN 9783927145092 (German)
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