Eckhard I, Count of Scheyern

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Eckhard I, Count of Scheyern
Spouse(s) Richardis of Carniola-Orlamünde
Noble family House of Wittelsbach
Father Otto I, Count of Scheyern
Died Before 11 May 1091

Eckhard I of Scheyern, also Ekkehard von Scheyern (d. before 11 May 1091), was a son of Otto I, Count of Scheyern. His mother cannot be unambiguously determined because Otto I Scheyern was first married to Haziga of Diessen (the widow of Count Herman of Kastl) and later to an unknown daughter of Count Meginhardt of Reichersbeuern, and the date of Eckhard's birth is not known.

Eckhard I was Vogt of Freising from 1074, and Vogt of Weihenstephan from 1082.

Marriage and Children[edit]

Eckhard was married to Richardis, a daughter of Margrave Udalrich of Carniola-Orlamünde. They had three sons:


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