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Chemical structure of eckol
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Molar mass 372.28 g/mol
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Eckol is a phlorotannin isolated from brown algae in the family Lessoniaceae such as species in the genus Ecklonia[1] such as E. cava[2] or E. kurome[3] or in the genus Eisenia such as Eisenia bicyclis.[4]

The molecule possesses a dibenzo-p-dioxin skeleton and a phloroglucinol component. The molecule can also be viewed as a phloroglucinol trimer.[5]

It exhibits an anti-plasmin inhibitory effect[3] and a radioprotective effect in mice.[1][6] It also exhibits a cytoprotective effect against oxidative stress in Chinese hamster lung fibroblasts.[2] It also shows antithrombotic and profibrinolytic activities.[4]


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