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Denso Ten, Limited.
Founded25 October 1972[1] (as Fujitsu Ten)
Key people
Keijiro Katsumaru (Chairman)
Satoshi Iwata (President)[1]
ProductsAutomotive electronics, home audio equipment, mobile communication radios[1]
Number of employees
3,836 (consolidated: 11,410) (end March 2012)[1]

Denso Ten Limited (株式会社デンソーテン, Kabushiki-gaisha Denso Ten) is a Japanese company developing and manufacturing car audio, video, navigation and control systems. The headquarters is located in Kobe, Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan. As its name shows, Denso Ten belongs to the Denso group led by Denso Corp., which is the second largest auto parts supplier in the world.

Originally the company was established as Fujitsu Ten Ltd. (富士通テン株式会社, Fujitsu Ten Kabushiki-gaisha), subsidiary company of Denso Ltd. which is one of the leading electronics companies in Japan. The parent company was changed from Fujitsu to Denso on November 1, 2017.

The major products of Denso Ten are the Eclipse brand car audio and navigation systems. It is also a supplier of OEM products to major automobile companies in Japan and the U.S.

DENSO TEN AMERICA Limited, the U.S. headquarters is located in Novi, Michigan is a subsidiary of Denso Ten that supplies products to the U.S. market and industry.


The Ten in the company's name does not refer to the number 10, but rather comes from a Chinese character Ten (天), meaning heaven in Chinese and Japanese.


Fujitsu Ten was created in 1972 when it was spun out by Fujitsu Limited. It took with it the automotive and radio electronics departments. The intention was that creating a separate company would give more focus to these areas.[2] The automotive and radio departments were themselves the result of a merger between Fujitsu Limited and Kobe Industries Corp. in 1968.[2]

In September 2016, Denso agreed with Fujitsu to purchase the stock of Fujitsu Ten. The deal was made on November 1, 2017 and its name was changed into Denso Ten.

Notable staff[edit]

A Nobel prize winner, Leo Esaki (江崎 玲於奈 Esaki Reona), worked at Kobe Kogyo (神戸工業 Kōbe Kōgyō), which is the preceding company of Fujitsu Ten before it changed its name to Fujitsu Ten.[citation needed]


Eclipse is brand name for their GPS car navigation and audio system products.


Eclipse AVN726EE, AVN726EA and AVN440 include TMC.[3]


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