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SonataArctica Ecliptica.jpg
Studio album by Sonata Arctica
Released November 22, 1999
October 24, 2014 (15th anniversary edition)
Recorded 1999 at Tico Tico Studio
2014 (15th anniversary edition)
Genre Power metal
Length 51:41
Label Spinefarm
Nuclear Blast (15th anniversary edition)
Producer Sonata Arctica
Sonata Arctica chronology
(1999; 2014)
Successor (EP)
15th anniversary edition artwork
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 2/5 stars[1]
Metal Storm 8.8/10[2]

Ecliptica is the first full-length album by the power metal band Sonata Arctica. It was released in 1999 through Spinefarm Records in Europe and through Century Media in the United States. It's the only album featuring bassist Janne Kivilahti.

Songs and themes[edit]

Regarding the track "Blank File", which covers the topic of privacy on the Internet, vocalist Tony Kakko once stated:[3]

The theme would be again mentioned in the band's next album, Silence, on the track "Weballergy".[4]

In the song "Letter to Dana", the title character, Dana O'Hara, is named after The X-Files's Dana Scully.[4]

15th anniversary re-recording[edit]

In 2014 Sonata Arctica announced through their Facebook page that they had re-recorded the entire album for its 15th anniversary.[5] The new edition is titled Ecliptica - Revisited; 15th Anniversary Edition and was released on October 24, 2014, with the same track-listing as the original regular edition release plus one unreleased bonus track.[5]

Commenting on the album, keyboardist Henrik Klingenberg (who was not a member of the band at the time Ecliptica was released) said:[5]

The re-recording's first single was "Kingdom for a Heart", released digitally on September 12, 2014.[5] According to Klingenberg, the song was chosen in order to "represent the overall sound of the album".[6]

On an interview held after the album release, Klingenberg said the only significant changes applied to the album were the lower keys and the rearranged solos, and that the band resisted the "temptation" to give the songs a "complete overhaul".[7] He also said most of the album was recorded in the band members' own home studios, during breaks from their Pariah's Child World Tour.[7] He also commented:[7]

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Tony Kakko except "8th Commandment" and "Picturing the Past", co-written by Jani Liimatainen.

No. Title Length
1. "Blank File" 4:05
2. "My Land" 4:36
3. "8th Commandment" 3:41
4. "Replica" 4:55
5. "Kingdom for a Heart" 3:51
6. "FullMoon" 5:05
7. "Letter to Dana" 6:00
8. "UnOpened" 3:42
9. "Picturing the Past (Kakko, Liimatainen)" 3:36
10. "Destruction Preventer" 7:40
11. "Mary-Lou (bonus track on Korean, Japanese, South American and other releases)" 4:30
Total length: 51:41


Technical staff[edit]

  • Ahti Kortelainen - production at Tico Tico Studios
  • Mikko Karmila - mixing at Finnvox Studios
  • Mika Jussila - mastering at Finnvox Studios

15th anniversary edition line-up[edit]


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