Green Ecologist Party (Chile)

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Green Ecologist Party
Partido Ecologista Verde
Leader Félix González Gatica
Founded January 21, 2008 (2008-01-21)
Headquarters O'Higgins N°1104, Concepción, Chile
Coalition New Constitution for Chile
Membership  (2009) 2,605 (12th)[1]
Ideology Environmentalism
Green politics
International affiliation Global Greens
Colours Green

The Green Ecologist Party (Partido Ecologista Verde) is a Chilean political party and one of South America's members of the global green movement.

The Ecologist Party was formed in 2002 and legalized officially on 21 January 2008 in the Electoral Service.

It is the first Chilean political party of environmentalist type, and the first officially affiliated with the Global Greens. Its activities include lectures, forums and workshops related to waste management and prevention of environmental degradation.

Participated for the municipal elections of 2008 in an alliance (For a clean Chile) with the Regionalist Party of the Independents. He managed to pick 1 as an independent councilman in the municipality of San Pedro de La Paz.

Presidential candidates[edit]

The following is a list of the presidential candidates supported by the Green Ecologist Party. (Information gathered from the Archive of Chilean Elections).