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Origin Japan
Genres J-pop
Years active 2004-2007
Labels Zetima
Associated acts
Website Hello!
Past members Sayumi Michishige
Rika Ishikawa

Ecomoni (エコモ二) was a Japanese pop group from Hello! Project. It was founded in the second quarter of 2004 with Sayumi Michishige (from Morning Musume) and Rika Ishikawa (from v-u-den) as members. The goal of the group is to promote environmental awareness.


In the second quarter of 2004, when the formation of Ecomoni was announced, the group was supposed to be a temporary Hello! Project group existing only for the duration of the Acchi Chikyuu wo Samasunda (熱っちぃ地球を冷ますんだ, Cool Down the Hot Earth) environmental festival, lasting from June 19, 2004 to June 20, 2004. After the festival, instead of disbanding the group, Ecomoni started to appear on Japanese TV, especially on the program Oha Star. In 2005, they continued making TV appearances and were a part of the 2005 environmental festival. They also appeared with Aya Matsuura in a Hamtaro movie as Ayayamu with Ecohams (あややムwithエコハムず).


The choice of placing Sayumi Michishige and Rika Ishikawa together in a duo has been the cause of some criticism. Most critics claim that choosing two of the supposedly vocally less talented Hello! Project members is a bad idea when creating a music group, but defenders of the group counter by claiming that the group isn't only about the music especially since Ecomoni hadn't released any music on their own.[citation needed]



  • Tensai! Let's go Ayayamu (天才!Let's Go あややム, Released November 11, 2004)


  • Petit Best 5: 1 Song
    • Help!! ~Ecomoni no Atchii Chikyū o Samasunda~ (Help!!エコモニ。の熱っちぃ地球を冷ますんだっ。~, Help!! ~Ecomoni's Cool Down the Hot Earth~)
  • Petit Best 6: 1 Song
    • Help!! ~Ecomoni no Atchii Chikyū o Samasunda 2005~ (Help!!~エコモニ。の熱っちぃ地球を冷ますんだっ。2005~, Help!! ~Ecomoni's Cool Down the Hot Earth 2005~) (performed by Ecomoni and Morning Musume)

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