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Economic Club of Canada

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Coordinates: 43°39′3.74″N 79°22′57.13″W / 43.6510389°N 79.3825361°W / 43.6510389; -79.3825361 The Economic Club of Canada is a non-partisan speaker’s forum based in Canada, and modelled on American societies such as the Economic Club of New York, or the Economic Club of Pittsburgh, although the latter organisations are not-for-profit. The Canadian organization meets three times a week and provides a platform for policy makers and business leaders. Former speakers have included such luminaries as John Tory, Bill Clinton, Kathleen Wynne, Mike Savage and John McCallum. It markets itself as a business elite organization that can turn events around quickly, thus making its events more timely and newsworthy. Members are drawn from the business, industry and finance sectors. Speeches are typically held in the modern hotels in various cities over the lunch hour. Tickets to the events can be individually sold or by table to the companies, organizations or private members.


The Economic Club of Toronto was established by Mark Adler (politician) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 2003.

In 2008, the Club was re-launched as the Economic Club of Canada and has hosted events in Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa and Vancouver.[1]

Rhiannon Traill is the President and CEO of the Economic Club of Canada, while Natasha Morano is the Vice President, as of February 2016.[2] Notably, the organisation boasts an all-female executive as of 2016.[2]

Notable members[edit]

The former/present highly notable members of the Economic Club of Canada were/are:


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