Economic Theory (journal)

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Economic Theory  
Economic Theory (journal).jpg
Econ. Theory
Discipline Economics
Language English
Edited by Nicholas C. Yannelis
Publication details
Publication history
Frequency Monthly
ISSN 0938-2259

Economic Theory is a peer-reviewed academic journal that focuses on theoretical economics, particularly social choice, general equilibrium theory, and game theory. Mathematically rigorous articles are also published in the fields of experimental economics, public economics, international economics, development economics, and industrial organisation.

The journal is the official journal of the Society for the Advancement of Economic Theory. Both the society and the journal were founded by Charalambos D. Aliprantis, David Cass, Douglas Gale, Mukul Majumdar, Edward C. Prescott, Nicholas C. Yannelis, and Yves Younes.

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