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Ecotec (capitalized ECOTEC, from "Emissions Control Optimization TEChnology") is a General Motors (GM) and Opel Automobile GmbH (Opel) trademark that refers to a series of emissions technologies that were implemented throughout a range of GM engines. ECOTEC can refer to the following diesel and petrol engines originally produced by General Motors:

The trademark ECOTEC has also been used on Opel automobiles which are powered by the following engines produced by PSA PowerTrain:

  • EB: The ECOTEC trademark is used on the Opel Crossland X and Opel Grandland X equipped with the 110 hp variant (Crossland X) and 130 hp variant (Grandland X) of PSA's EB petrol engine. Lower-powered variants of this engine lack an engine designation, while higher-powered variants (for Crossland X) are designated as TURBO.