Ectopic ureter

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Ectopic ureter
Ectopic Ureter Positions.jpg
These two illustrations are posterior views of all the possible locations of ectopic ureter insertion (red dots) in a female (left illustration) and a male (right illustration). The different colors indicate embryologic origin of structure: a) red = metanephric duct (ureter), b) yellow = urogenital sinus (bladder and urethra), c) blue = Wolffian duct (Gartner's ducts in female, seminal vesicles and vasa deferentia in male), pink = Müllerian ducts (vagina in female, prostatic utricle in male), green = hindgut (rectum).
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Ectopic ureter (or ureteral ectopia) is a medical condition where the ureter, rather than terminating at the urinary bladder, terminates at a different site.[1][2] In males this site is usually the urethra, in females this is usually the urethra or vagina.[3] It can be associated with renal dysplasia,[4] frequent urinary tract infections, and urinary incontinence (usually continuous drip incontinence).[5] Ectopic ureters are found in 1 of every 2000–4000 patients,[6] and can be difficult to diagnose, but are most often seen on CT scans.[7]

Ectopic ureter is commonly a result of a duplicated renal collecting system, a duplex kidney with 2 ureters. In this case, usually one ureter drains correctly to the bladder, with the duplicated ureter presenting as ectopic.[8]

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