Ecuador–Venezuela relations

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Ecuador-Venezuela relations
Map indicating locations of Ecuador and Venezuela



Ecuador–Venezuela relations refers to the diplomatic relations between the South American Republic of Ecuador and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Diplomatic ties trace back to the Spanish colonization of the Americas. With the independence both countries united under the Gran Colombia along with New Granada (then Colombia and Panama).

After the dissolution of the Gran Colombia, Ecuador named Pedro Gual Escandón as plenipotentiary minister with the main task of resolving the debt acquired while part of the Gran Colombia union as well as to establish diplomatic relations with the New Granada and Venezuela. On August 4, 1852 Venezuela sent a diplomatic delegation in Quito and named José Julián Ponce as finance administrator.

The relations remained cordial and entered into a second period between 1910 and 1963 with two diplomatic incidents occurring in 1928 and 1955. Ecuador and Venezuela strengthened ties in politics, diplomacy and military.

Ecuador officially joined the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas, a Venezuelan regional cooperation initiative, in June 2009.[1]

In March 2010 Venezuela and Ecuador announced the creation of a number of bi-national projects and companies. Venezuela and Ecuador had already collaborated on oil and gas projects, and Venezuela had supported the 2007 creation of Ecuador TV.[2]


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