Ecuadorian Radical Liberal Party

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Ecuadorian Radical Liberal Party
Partido Liberal Radical Ecuatoriano
Historical leaders Eloy Alfaro
Leónidas Plaza
Alfredo Baquerizo
Lizardo García
Carlos Alberto Arroyo del Río
Aurelio Mosquera
Founder Eloy Alfaro
Founded 1878
Dissolved 1978
(Sometimes present in the after elections)
Merged into Alfarista Radical Front
Headquarters Quito, Ecuador
Ideology Liberalism
Political position Centre
International affiliation Liberal International
Colors      Blue

The Ecuadorian Radical Liberal Party (Spanish: Partido Liberal Radical Ecuatoriano, PLRE) was a liberal party in Ecuador and is one of the oldest existing political parties in Ecuador.[1]


The party evolved out of divisions between moderate and radical liberals in the Liberal Party of Ecuador. As in many Latin American countries, Ecuador has experienced much conflict, often violent, between the Liberal and Conservative parties.[2]

Eloy Alfaro brought the Liberal Party to power during the revolution of 1895.[3] In 1925, the Liberal Party was officially founded as the Ecuadorian Radical Liberal Party (PLRE). Over the next 50 years several of its members served as presidents of Ecuador.[4] The party was in power from 1895 to 1911, from 1921 to 1952 and from 1960 to 1970. During each period of power the party was overthrown by military coups.[5]

In 2002, the PLRE participated in the presidential elections, with the party's candidate, Ivonne Juez de Baki, receiving 1.77% of the vote. However, as the party was unable to fulfill the necessary 5% of votes required to remain a valid political entity, the PLRE ceased to officially exist. Nonetheless, the PLRE retains recognition for its important role in Ecuadorian history and has reputedly inspired several other political parties. Similarly, the PLRE's founding leader, Eloy Alfaro, is still widely revered in Ecuador.[6]

In 2008, a political party with the same name was registered for the 2009 presidential elections.

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