Ecuadorian constitutional referendum, 1978

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A constitutional referendum was held in Ecuador on 15 January 1978.[1] Voters were asked whether they wanted a new constitution or a revised version of the existing constitution. The former option was approved by 57% of voters, although around invalid votes accounted for a quarter of those cast, with many cast in protest at not having the option of returning to the 1945 constitution.[1]


Following a military coup in 1972, in 1976 the military government formed three commissions to assist with the transition back to civil rule. One group was to draft a new constitution, one was to revise the 1945 constitution, and one to create laws on political parties, local elections and the referendum.[1]


Choice Votes %
New constitution 778,611 57.20
Revised constitution 582,556 42,80
Invalid/blank votes 450,473
Total 1,811,640 100
Registered voters/turnout 2,088,874 86.73
Source: Direct Democracy