Ecuadorian general election, 1956

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Ecuadorian general election, 1956
← 1952 3 June 1956 1960 →
Nominee Camilo Ponce Enríquez Raúl Clemente Huerta
Party PSC
Running mate Francisco Illingworth José María Plaza
Popular vote 178,424 175,378
Percentage 29.0% 28.6%

President before election

Jose Maria Velasco Ibarra

Elected President

Camilo Ponce Enríquez

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General elections were held in Ecuador on 3 June 1956.[1] The presidential elections were won by Camilo Ponce Enríquez of the People's Alliance, a coalition of the Conservative Party, the Social Christian Party and Ecuadorian Nationalist Revolutionary Action. He defeated Raúl Clemente Huerta of the National Democratic Front (an alliance of the Ecuadorian Radical Liberal Party, the Socialist Party and the Communist Party) by 0.4% of the vote. He took office on 1 September.[2]



Candidate Party Votes %
Camilo Ponce Enríquez People's Alliance 178,424 29.0
Raúl Clemente Huerta National Democratic Front 175,378 28.6
Carlos Guevara Moreno Concentration of People's Forces 149,935 24.4
José Ricardo Chiriboga Villagómez Dissident liberal and Velasqist groups 110,686 18.0
Eusebio Macías Independent 469 0.0
Total 614,892 100
Registered voters/turnout 836,955


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