Ecuadorian general election, 2009

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Ecuadorian general election, 2009
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April 26, 2009 (2009-04-26) → 2013

  Rafaelcorrea08122006.jpg Lucio Gutiérrez.jpg
Nominee Rafael Correa Lucio Gutiérrez
Party PAIS Alliance PSP
Running mate Lenin Moreno Felipe Mantilla
Popular vote 3,586,439 1,947,830
Percentage 51.99% 28.24%

Nominee Álvaro Noboa Martha Roldós
Running mate Anabella Azín Eduardo Delgado
Popular vote 786,718 299,573
Percentage 11.41% 4,33%

President before election

Rafael Correa
PAIS Alliance

Elected President

Rafael Correa
PAIS Alliance

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An early general election was held on 26 April 2009 in Ecuador following the approval of a new constitution in a referendum held on 28 September 2008.[1] President Rafael Correa ran for his first term under the new constitution. The election was initially expected to be held in October 2010.[2][3]

Among the candidates for President were current President Rafael Correa, supported by his PAIS Alliance and the Socialist Party; Álvaro Noboa ran under the banner of the PRIAN and had the support of the Social Christian Party (PSC) and the Christian Democratic Union. Former president Lucio Gutiérrez ran as the candidate of the January 21 Patriotic Society Party.

Preliminary results suggested that Correa had won reelection in the first round easily,[4] surpassing 50% of the vote, followed by Gutiérrez coming in second with about 28% of the vote. Whether Correa's party will have an absolute majority in parliament is not yet known.[5]

In addition Correa became the first sitting president to be reelected since García Moreno since 1875.[6]

The full results of the seat distribution was still known, though it was assumed that PAIS would have 59 seats, PSP 19, PSC/MG 11, PRIAN 7, MPD 5, the Municipalist Movement 5, and others less than 5 seats.


Political party Candidate Votes
1.ª round
% en
1.ª round
Movimiento Patria Altiva i Soberana Rafael Correa 3.584.236 51,99%
Partido Sociedad Patriótica 21 de Enero Lucio Gutiérrez 1.948.167 28,24%
Partido Renovador Institucional de Acción Nacional Álvaro Noboa 789.021 11,40%
Ethics and Democracy Network Martha Roldós 299.573 4,33%
Movimiento Triunfo Mil Carlos Sagñay 108.275 1,57%
Movimiento Tierra Fértil Melba Jácome 93.280 1,35%
Movimiento Integración y Transformacion Social Diego Delgado Jara 43,221 0,63%
Movimiento Justo y Solidario Carlos Gonzáles 33,714 0,49%
Party Asam.
  Alianza PAIS (AP) 59
Partido Sociedad Patriótica 21 de Enero (PSP) 19
Movimiento Cívico Madera de Guerrero (MG) 7
Partido Renovador Institucional de Acción Nacional (PRIAN) 7
Movimiento Popular Democrático (MPD) 5
Movimiento Municipalista por la Integridad Nacional (MMIN) 5
Partido Social Cristiano (PSC) 4
Pachakutik (PK) 4
Partido Roldosista Ecuatoriano (PRE) 3
Democratic Left (ID) 2
Socialist Party – Broad Front of Ecuador (PS-FA) 1
National Democratic Coalition (Ecuador) (MCND) 1
Movimiento Independiente Obras son Amores (MIOSA) 1
Movimiento Social Conservador (MSC) 1
Movimiento Autonómico Regional (MAR) 1
Acción Regional por la Equidad - Alianza Popular Latinoamericana (ARE-APL) 1
Movimiento Independiente Unidos por Pastaza (MIUP) 1
Movimiento Político Independiente Amauta Yuyai (MPIAY) 1
Conciencia Ciudadana (CC) 1
Total 124