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Ed Donovan
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Occupation Film, television actor,
police officer

Ed Donovan is a SAG actor and the editor/publisher of In Focus Magazine, Florida's film, television and the arts industry magazine.[1] A former Boston police officer, Donovan was the subject of a biographical non-fiction book called The Shattered Badge. The title comes from his working in founding and operating the Boston Police Stress Program, a program for policemen by policemen to deal with their unique stress problems. Donovan was a featured interview in the HBO documentary Cops: Behind the Badge. He has been interviewed on several talk shows including the Phil Donahue Show and The Oprah Winfrey Show.


Ed is a retired 32-year veteran Boston Police Officer with special training in photography, crime scene investigation, crisis intervention, hostage negotiations and firearms. He worked in homicide, intelligence, undercover in protests, riots, stings and drug raids.

Ed was the Director and founder of the Boston Police Stress Program, the first peer-counseling program in the world for law enforcement officers and their families under stress.[citation needed]

Ed was the President of the International Law Enforcement Stress Association, on the Board of Directors of The American Institute of Stress, The International Institute of Stress, a National Speaker, trainer and consultant to several law enforcement agencies

He has been interviewed by several radio talk shows internationally. Ed has also appeared on television, including Phil Donahue, Oprah Winfrey, Dick Cavett and the Today Show with Jane Pauley. He was featured in the HBO Special Cops Behind the Badge, the ABC Special The Shattered Badge and The “5th Estate” Canada.

Ed has been interviewed by the U.S. News & World Report, Time, Newsweek, several international police magazines and several other leading newspapers. He has lectured at venues including West Point, Harvard University, University of Notre Dame, FBI National Academy and several other local and state law enforcement agencies throughout the United States and Canada.

Ed Donovan was a featured speaker with 5 Nobel Peace Prize winners at a World Conference on Stress in Monaco, France.

He has been a consultant to several organizations for stress management and burnout.

Ed wrote, produced, and directed training films and videos in the US Navy and the Boston Police Department. He wrote, directed and was featured in Choir Practice a training video on stress for law enforcement officers. He has published four tapes to date “Police Suicide, the Ultimate Cop Out”, “Burnout in the Helping Profession”, “Speaking of Criminal Justice, An Interview with Ed Donovan”, “Stress and Burnout” and “Speaking on Police Stress”

Ed Donovan was the founder, publisher and editor of Police Stress, an international journal.

Post Retirement[edit]

Upon retiring Ed continues to lecture on police stress throughout the US and Canada.

He also pursued a career in acting, screenwriting, producing, casting and directing. He attended classes in screenwriting, acting and episodic television production at Manatee Community College, University of Central Florida and Valencia Community College.

Acting credits include as a stand in for Steve McQueen in The Thomas Crown Affair (1967), with Norman Jewison, The Frogmen (1952) with Samuel C. Engel, Virgins (2000), Hereditary Misfortune (2002), Monster (2003) with Oscar winner Charlize Theron, Drowning (2003), The Price (2008), Acts of Mercy (2009) and The Tenant (2009).

Has appeared in numerous commercials and television shows including In Search of (2000), Sheena (2000), Dr G: Medical Examiner and Skeleton Stories. Ed is the editor of In Focus Magazine, Florida's film, television and the arts industry magazine. He has interviewed such celebrities as Jay Leno, Ernest Borgnine, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Oscar winner Adrien Brody.

He is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and Women in Film and Television.

Donovan is a published writer, author and biographer. He co-authored The Shattered Badge, an autobiography on his life.

Reviews and Comment[edit]

The Journal of the American Medical Association says, “One of the most dramatic and interesting reports given at the World Conference on Stress, in Monaco was given by Ed Donovan, a law enforcement officer from Boston.”

“Your comments to the program outshined any number of psychologists and psychiatrists deliberating on the need for welfare facilities and your experience will make it harder for people in Britain to ignore your message.” Henry Campion of the BBC, British Broadcasting Corporation.

“Your participation as a speaker at our Attorney General’s Conference on Law Enforcement was greatly appreciated. Your presentation was an integral part of what was noted by attendees as an outstanding conference. I am proud to have been associated with professionals such as yourself.” Charles W. Yett, Special Assistant Attorney General of Texas.

“On behalf of the Delaware State Labor Council, United Way of Delaware and the AFL-CIO Community Services Committee we thank you. Your presentation on the problems of “Stress” was excellent. The response from the evaluations were outstanding. We encourage you to continue to pursue your present course that others may continue to benefit by your experience.” Leroy B. O’Neal, Executive Director, Delaware AFL-CIO.

"Thank you for your help in the making of our documentary, ONE NATION UNDER STRESS. Your assistance in interpreting a very complex subject was critical to our effort and we look forward to sharing your insights with millions of viewers." Phyllis Ward, LIFEQUEST-Group W Television, Inc.[citation needed]

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