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Ed Edwards is an avertising Creative Director[2], Film Director[3] and Photographer.


Ed Edwards has created numerous Award Winning commercials for Audi, BBC, Levis and Lynx to name a few. In 2003 he won the prestigious D&AD 'yellow pencil' for the BBC 'Love of Life' campaign[5].

Ed Edwards directed the Yoomoo 'Ice Skater' commercial produced by Donnie Masters of Serious Pictures, Viasat Film Channel 'Love Christmas' which was nominated for a Promax award in 2013, MTV Rocks 'Car Guitar' and has recently directed the cinema ad 'Pamina' for the charity Against Breast Cancer.


Ed Edwards is the co-founder of Ragged Crow, an Award Winning independent film production company with producer & writer Sam Edwards. Ed Edwards has directed several short films, Solstice (2008) which he also co-wrote, Bad Obsession (2009), Doggoy (2009) which he also wrote, Insomnia (2010) which he also co-wrote.

His most recent short film as writer and director Wardance (2011) was *Nominated* in the Newcomer category at Rushes Soho Shorts Festival 2011, screened at Portobello Film Festival 2011,[1] Branchage International Film Festival 2011, Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2011, where it was also *Nominated* and The London Short Film Festival 2012 and subsequently qualified for BAFTA.

Ed Edwards' first feature film as a Director is Stealing Elvis (2010) [6] which debuted at the Portobello Film Festival, where it was *Nominated* for Best Soundtrack, was the opening film at the London Independent Film Festival 2011, was *Nominated* for the Grand Jury Prize at The London United Film Festival 2012 (The United Film Festivals) and *Won* an award in the Best Crime Drama category at The Indie Gathering International Film Festival 2012[7].

The Promoter (2013 film) is Ed Edwards' second feature film, which debuted at The London Independent Film Festival in 2013, going on to win both the Grand Jury and the Audience Award at The London United Film Festival 2013 (The United Film Festivals) as well as being nominated Best Documentary at The Indie Gathering 2013, and Best Rock & Roll Film at the Portobello Film Festival 2013.


Ed Edwards debut photography exhibition was at The Society Club, Soho, London W1 in October 2011. Entitled Iron Horse, it displayed a series of 19 limited edition (x10) photographs depicting images of the Rockers, Bikers and their Motorcycles. He has had a series of photographs printed in Plectrum-TCP May, 2012, Issue 12, and in Vive Le Rock Magazine, Vive Le Valentine issue 2012.


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