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Ed Kemper Trio
Ed kemper trio1999.jpg
EK3 on tour in 1999. L-R: Glenn Grant, Vonda McLeod and Kenny Johnson
Background information
OriginMontgomery, Alabama, United States
GenresArt/noise rock
Years active1997 (1997)–2004 (2004)
Past members

The Ed Kemper Trio was an independent Art/Noise rock band based in Montgomery, Alabama. The band was formed in 1997 after the breakup of two Montgomery-area noise rock bands, Bert and He is the Queen. EK3's sound was characterized by short asymmetrical song structures, sheer volume and odd meter. EK3 played hundreds of weekend shows and completed four Southern/Midwestern tours.

The band recorded three studio albums, two of which were recorded at Zero Return Studios by Jim Marrer, who engineered most Man or Astroman recordings for Touch and Go. In addition to the studio recordings, the band released one live recording. EK3 was also the focus of the 2004 independently produced documentary People Will Eat Anything, directed by Shane Gillis. The band split up in 2004.


In the summer of 1997, Kenny Johnson (guitar and vocals) and Vonda McLeod (bass) formed the trio with drummer Jason Singleton. Singleton soon left the trio, and Glenn Grant joined, cementing the line-up.

Within three months the band recorded a demo, from which one song was released on a Chicken Ranch Records (Flat Duo Jets, The Woggels, Tiger! Tiger!) compilation based in Tennessee. EK3 started touring the Deep South and conducted four tours of the Midwest. The band played two mini-tours with Man or Astroman, as well as shows with many noise, metal, and indie rock bands of the day including: Craw, The Flying Luttenbachers, Jucifer, Sweep the Leg Johnny, Ex Models, The Violent Femmes, The Locust, Cream Abdul Babar, Pferd, Apollo Up, and others.

The band’s first two recordings were made in rural Elmore County, Alabama, by Jim Marrer, engineer for most of Man or Astroman’s Touch and Go albums. During the recording of their second album, How to Win a Sword Fight, the band was signed to Tulsa, Oklahoma-based Yawn Records. Their CD was released in 2002. That was soon followed by their final studio recording, Hack, which was released by the Atlanta-based label Moodswing Records. Hack was recorded at Sarcophagus Studios in West Point, Georgia, by Lynn Brydges, Adam Vincent and Jamie Uertz.

EK3 was featured, reviewed or featured in several magazines including: Copper Press, Skyscraper, Punk Planet, Alternative Press, and Performer Magazine.

Members (1997-2004)[edit]

  • Kenny Johnson – guitar, keyboards and vocals
  • Vonda McLeod – bass, keyboards, samples and voice
  • Glenn Grant – drums, samples and keyboards

People Will Eat Anything[edit]

People Will Eat Anything is a feature-length documentary directed by Shane Gillis about the rock music scene in Montgomery, Alabama. During 2002 several Montgomery-area bands worked together to put on shows or festivals each weekend of the year. The film explores these events as a kind of musical diary between 1999 and 2004.

The documentary begins with featuring the Ed Kemper Trio. They established a base and were effective in pulling other bands into the area for added strength and diversity. Midway, the film expands to explore the lives and music of other groups, documenting the diversity of the Montgomery music scene. Most of the major bands profiled in the film split up later, often within a few months of each other.

The film moves chronologically as the scene develops, gains momentum, and suddenly collapses. The live performances and interviews demonstrate the fragility of a music scene and performing groups. Included are live performances by: The Ed Kemper Trio, Last Transgression, Supreme Dispassion, Pferd, Liquid Brick, Scifu and others.



Ding Dong School/Evil (1999)

  1. My Least Fav Part
  2. Grinding Down in Two
  3. Agitate To the Top
  4. Pain in Sound Experiment
  5. Scatter
  6. Man With the Tommy Dorsey Ending
  7. Moves On Its Belly
  8. Alienating the Fan Base
  9. Best Beats Even
  10. Liquid Flesh
  11. Science Rash
  12. The Very Best Finishing Contestant
  13. Debt Free and Posthumous Living
  14. Little Pink Pencil
  15. A Thing or Two About Self-Defense

How to Win a Sword Fight (2002)

  1. Killed for This
  2. Spells Devil Backwards
  3. What's New, No. 2?
  4. Scatter
  5. Even Burns Underwater
  6. And Here's Why
  7. A Blow To the Head
  8. Pain in Sound Experiment
  9. Why Death Works
  10. My Least Favorite Part
  11. Liquid Flesh
  12. Hard and Black
  13. Bleeding Strategy
  14. How to Escape from Killer Bees
  15. Agitate to the Top
  16. Little Pink Pencil
  17. The Catastrophe Event

Hack (2003)

  1. The Blacklist
  2. Walks With a Limp
  3. Post-Rock Reply
  4. My Pants, on Fire
  5. The Shoes of the Chief Justice's Wife...
  6. ...Are Some Suck-Assed Slippers
  7. A Big Time
  8. The Art of Not Listening
  9. Horns and a Tail
  10. Lower G.I. Joe
  11. When It's Too Much
  12. People Will Eat Anything
  13. #7 Needs Title

Like a Legless Baby… Dragging (2004)

  1. Stay In School Sucka!
  2. Post-Rock Supplies
  3. My Pants On Fire
  4. Kilt For This
  5. Even Burn Ubervater
  6. Breeding Strategy
  7. Walks Like A Pimp
  8. How To Escape Killer Steve
  9. Horns And Some Tail
  10. Debtors Prison And Southern Living
  11. Alienating To The Top
  12. Spells Dio Bakards
  13. Little Pink Honkey
  14. Guten Nacht


“Jose! Ha!” on Chicken Ranch Round Up 4 (1999) – Chicken Ranch Records

“Next to You” on Many Miles Away: a tribute to The Police (2001) – Solarmanite Records

“Windshear” on Digging Out The Switch Again: a tribute to the Dazzling Killmen (2002) – Subversive Workshop

"Even Burns Underwater" on The Five Sounds (2002) - WMFT


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