Ed Leith Cretaceous Menagerie

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Ed Leith Cretaceous Menagerie
Location Wallace Building, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Type historical museum
Website www.umanitoba.ca/geoscience/cretaceousmenagerie

The Ed Leith Cretaceous Menagerie is a museum in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The museum is housed in the atrium area of the Wallace Building at the University of Manitoba. It is educational, interactive and publicly accessible. The menagerie features complete skeletal replicas of four creatures. Three of the specimens are marine: a gigantic, vicious fish, the world's largest sea turtle and an enormous, formidable mosasaur ('sea lizard'). Finally, an aggressive tyrannosaurid dinosaur represents the land creatures.

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The Museum is affiliated with: CMA, CHIN, and Virtual Museum of Canada.


Coordinates: 49°48′42″N 97°08′09″W / 49.8117°N 97.1358°W / 49.8117; -97.1358