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Mendham Borough, New Jersey native Ed McKirdy has been performing in bands from both the West and East coasts since 1992. He has released records and CDs as the bass player for New Records Recording Artists The Suppression Swing (CA), Equal Vision Records Recording Artists Hands Tied (NJ) and The Killing Flame (CA), Defiance Records Recording Artists Face The Enemy (DC) and is currently the guitar player for Bridge 9 Records and Livewire Records Recording Artists Triple Threat (NY). McKirdy also served as vocalist for the short-lived outfit 5 Star (NJ) who released just one song MVP on the Rise Up: Hardcore '03 Compilation. McKirdy is also the founder of Brooklyn-based record label Livewire Records; an independent record company he started in 1999 while living in Seal Beach, California.


The Suppression Swing

  • Just A Word 7-inch/CD • New Age Records, 1995 (Bass Guitar)

Hands Tied

  • Self Titled 7-inch/CD • Equal Vision Records, 1996 (Bass Guitar/Back-up Vocals)
  • The Time Is Now 7-inch • Tension Building Records, 1996 (Bass Guitar/Back-up Vocals)

The Killing Flame

  • Another Breath 7-inch/CD • Equal Vision Records, 2000 (Bass Guitar/Back-up Vocals)

Face The Enemy

  • These Two Words CD/LP • Defiance Records, 2003 (Bass Guitar/Back-up Vocals)
  • Through It All CD • Fight Fire With Fire Records, 2003 (Bass Guitar/Back-up Vocals)

Five Star

  • Rise Up CD/LP • Fight Fire With Fire Records, 2003 (Lead Vocals)

Triple Threat

  • A New Chapter CD/7-inch • Livewire Records, 2004 (Guitar/Back-up Vocals)
  • Into The Darkness CD/LP • Bridge 9 Records, 2006 (Guitar/Back-up Vocals)

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