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For the former co-host of NBC's The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, see Ed McMahon.

Ed McMann is an American disc jockey, voice-over talent and radio personality best known for his work for Clear Channel Communications.

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, McMann's voice can be heard on many stations, including WXKS-FM (Kiss 108) in Boston (McMann's home station), WXKS-AM (Rush Radio 1200) in Boston (as station announcer), WHCN (The River 105.9) in Hartford, Connecticut, WWHT (Hot 107.9) in Syracuse, New York, WFXF (95.1 The Fox) in Rochester, New York, and WWBB (B101) in Providence, Rhode Island. He is known to broadcast customized daily programs for each of stations, and has hosted shows in multiple major cities during the last two decades, making him one of Clear Channel's best known and most prolific voice trackers.

In addition, he has filled in for Casey Kasem as the host of American Top 40 and American Top 20, as well as contributing new "extras" to the American Top 40: The 70s & 80's programs. From the start of the show until the present, McMann has been the most frequent guest-host of AT-40, with 36 appearances from 1998–present.[1]

Ed has also been featured on several instalments of the Grand Theft Auto videogame series,[2] and is currently the voice-over talent for Community Auditions / Star of the Day, the nation's longest running entertainment TV program.


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