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Ed Stradling (born 1972 in Cardiff, Wales), is a TV producer/director, who is best known for producing documentaries accompanying the BBC DVD range in the 2000s.


Stradling produced over 40 documentaries and shorts on DVD releases of various TV shows, most notably Doctor Who, between 2003-2012.[1] Stradling also produced two out of three episodes of The Doctor Who Years,[2] a series of webcast programmes commissioned by the BBC to coincide with the return of the famous science-fiction series in 2005. He briefly returned to the world of Doctor Who in 2013, uploading a video interview [3] with showrunner Steven Moffat, and producing the main stage content at the Doctor Who Celebration event held at the ExCel Arena to commemorate the series' 50th anniversary in November.

During this period Stradling also worked on various other BBC and BBC Worldwide programmes, as well as the Network DVD Blu-ray Disc release of Robin of Sherwood, and with Sir David Attenborough on special features for the DVD releases of the BBC documentary series Civilisation: A Personal View, presented by Kenneth Clark, and The Ascent of Man, presented by Jacob Bronowski, both of which were commissioned by Attenborough during his time as Controller of BBC2.

In late 2012 he was reported by Doctor Who Magazine as having left BBC Worldwide and working for the Loaded TV channel. In 2013 he was working on various news and political reports including for Total Politics magazine.[4]

In September 2014 he indicated on his Twitter account [5] that he had been working on Educating the East End for TwoFour, and in 2015 he produced Danny Baker's Christmas Hits, for the Sky Arts Channel. In 2016 he began producing The Political Slot for Channel 4 and has since worked on political and royal programming for ITN.


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