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Edayattoor is a small village in Annamanada panchayat, Trichur District, Kerala state in India.

Location and neighboring villages[edit]

This village is located in Annamanada Mala Road, just 2 km from Annamanada bus station. Neighboring villages of Edayatttoor are:

  • East – Annamanada
  • West – Meladoor
  • South – Kumbidi
  • North – Vennur


Nearest Railway stationChalakudi – 12 km Nearest Bus station – Annamanada - 2 km Nearest Airport - Kochi (Nedumbassery) – 17 km Nearest Post office - Annamanada post office Total Area - 1 km2

We can take buses for this village from Trichur, Irinjalakuda, Mala, Chalakudi, Angamaly, Alwaye and Annamanada bus stations. Since this village is very small and not much popular to outside of this district, it is advisable to catch vehicles for the Annamanada bus stations, which are just 2 kilometers away from this village. Three seated auto trishaws and taxis are available for traveling from Annamanada. The main road passing through this village is Annamanada Mala road connecting all surrounding areas.


The name Edayattoor means a village between rivers. In the old days, one branch of the Chalakudy River was passing through this route and both sides of Edayattoor was river. Now all four sides of this village are rice/coconut paddy fields. At the West side, there is a pond named Porakulam and there are two small bridges (in series) in the middle of Porakulam connecting Edayattoor to Meladoor in the main road. The old Porakulam bridge was constructed about 80 years back and due to the increase of traffic, the old bridge became too small to accommodate the vehicles, although there was one new bridge parallel to the old bridge constructed almost 10 years back. In the history of the old bridge, during the year 1999 there was a flood, which damaged the approach road of this bridge and disconnected the bus route.


About 75 years back, only 20 - 25 families were staying in this village and the population gradually increased mainly from surrounding villages. Now the population of this small village is approx. 1200 (300 families). Most of the new families were migrated to this village from surrounding villages. Before independence, some of these villagers also migrated to the Vynad/Koduku areas due to poverty at that time. Most of the peoples in these villages were farmers. Up to 1980, this village was very famous for rice cultivation. Rice mill owners from Ankamaly and Kalady used to visit this village for purchasing rice for their mills. Due three season cultivation in a year, the rice yield was also very high.

During the early years after independence, the people from this village moved to metro cities like Madras, Bombay and Calcutta for white collar jobs. Some of them are still settled in these Metro Cities. From 1970 onwards, the people from this village went to the Gulf region for jobs. Afterwards, a few of them went to Europe and USA, etc., with new assignments.


The soil of this village is well fertilized and the whole land is cultivated with coconut trees, banana trees and other vegetables. As indicated earlier, all four sides of this village was surrounded with rice paddies, now converted to coconut paddies and gradually becoming housing areas. Due to the easy availability of water and transportation, the people from neighboring areas and far areas (even families from Tamil Nadu state) migrated to Edayattoor.

Other institutions[edit]

There are no government or public institutions located in this village. Earlier there was a government agriculture development office, which shifted to the nearest city.

Hindus, Christians and Muslims live in harmony in this village. There are three small places of worship i.e. one Muslim masjid, one Christian chapel and a small temple located in this village. There are two junctions (Kavalas) in Edayatoor. The west junction is known as Edayattoor Junction and the eastern one is known as Peedika Kunnu Junction. There are some tea shops and grocery shops are available in these junctions.