Edburga of Minster-in-Thanet

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Saint Edburga of Minster-in-Thanet
Born England
Died December 13, 759(759-12-13)
Venerated in Orthodox Church
Roman Catholic Church
Church of England
True Orthodox Church[1]
Feast December 12, December 13 in Church calendar in some jurisdictions

Saint Edburga of Minster-in-Thanet (also known as Eadburh and Bugga) was a royal princess, the only daughter of King Centwine and Queen Engyth of Wessex in the 8th century of the Kent royal family and a saint.


Edburga was a friend and student of Saint Mildrith and regularly corresponded with Saint Boniface.

She became a Benedictine nun of The Minster-in-Thanet Abbey in 716. She succeeded Mildrith as the abbess.

During her time as an abbess she was able to secure royal charters for the abbey as well as having a new church (saints Peter and Paul) built there, to provide a shrine for the relics of St Mildrith.


  1. ^ Only jurisdictions, by definition supporters of the 1983 Russian Orthodox Church in Exile, anathema against ecumenism such as the Tikhonites, and ecumenist jurisdictions such as the

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