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The Edda Award is an accolade bestowed by the Icelandic Film and Television Academy,[1] and is the most prominent film and television award in Iceland, awarded annually in February[2]. The Edda has awarded for outstanding work in various categories of film and television annually since 1999[1], except in 2009. In 2010, the event was moved from the usual November date to February, and the eligibility period for that year was from 1 November 2008 to 30 December 2009. Since 2011, the eligibility period is the previous calendar year.



Edition Date Best Film
1st Edda Awards 15 November 1999 Ungfrúin góða og húsið
2nd Edda Awards 19 November 2000 Englar Alheimsins
3rd Edda Awards 11 November 2001 Mávahlátur
4th Edda Awards 10 November 2002 Hafið
5th Edda Awards 10 October 2003 Nói Albinói
6th Edda Awards 14 November 2004 Kaldaljós
7th Edda Awards 13 November 2005 Voksne Mennesker
8th Edda Awards 9 November 2006 Mýrin
9th Edda Awards 11 November 2007 Foreldrar
10th Edda Awards 16 November 2008 Sveitabrúðkaup
11th Edda Awards 27 February 2010 Bjarnfreðarson
12th Edda Awards 19 February 2011 Brim
13th Edda Awards 18 February 2012 Eldfjall
14th Edda Awards 16 February 2013 Djúpið
15th Edda Awards 22 February 2014 Hross í oss
16th Edda Awards 21 February 2015 Vonarstræti
17th Edda Awards 28 February 2016 Hrútar

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