Eddie & the Tide

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Eddie & the Tide
OriginSan Francisco Bay Area, California, United States
Years active1983–1993
LabelsSpin Records
Atco Records

Eddie & the Tide were an American band started by Steve "Eddie" Rice in 1983. They continued to play the San Francisco Bay Area from 1983 to 1990. They released five albums and one EP. They appeared on the Lost Boys soundtrack with their song, "Power Play".

Eddie & the Tide (originally named "The Suburbs" until forced to change their name by court order) played frequently during the early 1980s in the Santa Cruz and San Francisco Bay Area at venues such as the Monterey Music Hall in Monterey, The Keystone in Palo Alto, The Stone in San Francisco, and The Catalyst in Santa Cruz and built a loyal following. Eventually signed by Bobby Corona who owned the Keystone night clubs, they released the independent EP "Maybe I'll Get Lucky" in 1982 which went on to be the biggest selling indie release to date in California.

In 1984, they independently released their first full-length album "I Do It For You". They were signed by Atco/Atlantic Records and released two albums "Go Out and Get It" and "Looking For Adventure" in 1985 and 1987, respectively. Failing to reach the popularity expected, they were subsequently dropped from their label. They returned to the studio and released "Dig Down Deep" independently in 1988 followed by "Stand Tall" in 1989. They also flirted with a name change to "The Tide" around this time. Eventually, they withdrew from the music scene and moved on with their personal lives.

Steve "Eddie" Rice has released two solo albums since then. One in 2000 titled "It All Comes Down To Love" and one in 2009 titled "My Days In The Desert". Also, the albums Go Out and Get It and Looking For Adventure were finally released on compact disc and available from the band website.


  • Maybe I'll Get Lucky
  • I Do It For You
  • Go Out And Get It
  • Looking For Adventure
  • Dig Down Deep
  • Stand Tall
  • The Lost Boys (film soundtrack)
  • I Do It For You (re-released on CD with bonus tracks)
  • Stand Tall / Dig Down Deep (re-released on CD)
  • Grandview, U.S.A. (film soundtrack)

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