Eddie Condon's Jazz Concerts

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Eddie Condon's Jazz Concerts
Eddie Condon, Eddie Condon's, New York, ca. June 1946 (William P. Gottlieb 01691).jpg
Eddie Condon circa 1946
GenreDixieland/jazz music
Running time30 minutes
Country of originUnited States
Home stationWJZ
SyndicatesBlue Network
Hosted byEddie Condon
Directed byJack Bland
Addison Amore
Produced byErnest Anderson
Original releaseMay 20, 1944 (1944-05-20) – March 7, 1945 (1945-03-07)

Eddie Condon's Jazz Concerts is an American old-time radio program featuring Dixieland and jazz music. It was broadcast on the Blue Network from May 20, 1944, to April 7, 1945.[1]


In 1942, musician Eddie Condon began staging concerts in New York City, with Carnegie Hall and Town Hall as venues. By 1944, the performances were sold out.[2] In 1944, the Blue Network began broadcasting the concerts, which The Directory of the Armed Forces Radio Service Series described as "Jazz music of a high standard".[3] The broadcasts began "about eight performances into the series".[4]

The program typically began with a jazz song, after which Condon commented on the song and introduced the band's members. The network described the programs as "the only unrehearsed, free-wheeling, completely barefoot music on the air."[4]


Condon was the program's host, with broadcasts featuring what the Encyclopedia of Great Popular Song Recordings called "many of the era's greatest musicians".[5] Among them was singer Lee Wiley, described in the encyclopedia as "a near-regular" on the show.[5] The broadcasts found Condon "surrounded by the greatest names in jazz—Louis Armstrong, Jack Teagarden, Willie “The Lion” Smith and Bob Haggart."[6]

Jack Bland and Addison Amore were the directors, and Ernest Anderson was the producer.[4]


Some episodes of broadcasts of Eddie Condon's Jazz Concerts have been made available commercially for later generations to hear, creating "jazz's time capsule [that] lives on through the Golden Age of Radio".[4]


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