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Eddie Junior (died November 3, 1982) was a Sri Lankan actor.

Junior was born in Negombo to musician Eddie Master. In time, he joined his father's theater troupe as a composer and actor. There he met actress Pearl Vasudevi; they married in 1940.[1]

Junior made his film debut with Vasudevi in Sirisena Wimalaweera's 1949 movie Amma foregoing a fee.[2]



Year Film Role Other notes
1949 Amma Tilaka film debut
1960 Suranganie
1974 Susie
1975 Sangeetha
1978 Kundala Keshi
1979 Nuwan Renu
1980 Raja Dawasak
1984 Bambara Patikki
1984 Kokila
1984 Hithawathiya


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