Eddie Macon's Run

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Eddie Macon's Run
Eddie macon.jpg
Original movie poster
Directed byJeff Kanew
Produced byMartin Bregman and Louis A. Stroller, Peter Saphier (executive producer)
Written byJeff Kanew
StarringKirk Douglas
John Schneider
Lee Purcell
Music byNorton Buffalo and Mike Hinton
CinematographyJames A. Cotner
Edited byJeff Kanew
Distributed byUniversal Pictures
Release date
  • March 23, 1983 (1983-03-23)
Running time
95 minutes
CountryUnited States

Eddie Macon's Run is a 1983 American action thriller drama film based on the 1980 novel by James McLendon, starring Kirk Douglas and John Schneider. It also included John Goodman in his feature film debut.[1]


The movie opens with Eddie Macon (Schneider) escaping from prison. The first half of the film then relates the backstory through a series of flashbacks.

Macon is a man that has relocated from Florida to Texas in order to better provide for his wife and young son, who suffers from a blood disorder. His temper leads him into a few minor infractions that land him in jail, but after an unsuccessful escape attempt, he finds himself with an excessively harsh prison sentence in light of his original offenses.

Feeling that they are facing injustice, Macon and his wife, Chris, devise an elaborate escape plan. After initially becoming involved with the prison rodeo and stowing away in a cattle truck, he begins a long, cross-country run across the Texas wilderness in an attempt to reach the U.S. - Mexico border in Laredo, Texas where they have planned their rendezvous and permanent escape, south of the border.

Along the way, he is being chased by Marzack (Douglas), an inmate transfers detective who has already re-captured Macon once, after his earlier escape attempt. Marzack is able to successfully track Macon, but is thwarted when Macon encounters new players along the way. First, Macon is captured, and nearly hanged for rustling, by a dysfunctional ranching family, the Potts. Next he encounters Jilly Buck (Purcell), niece of the governor, whom Macon initially kidnaps. Buck is sympathetic to Macon's story and quickly agrees to assist him with his plan.

Marzack eventually catches up with Macon and Buck in Laredo where they have a series of altercations. Ultimately, Marzack captures Macon, but decides to let him go, seemingly satisfied with proving his skill as a detective and presumably believing that once reunited with his family, Macon will no longer be a threat.

With no one pursuing him any longer, Macon is able to meet his wife and son on a bridge over the Rio Grande and although the movie concludes in that location, it is assumed that they will be able to successfully cross into Mexico and be free.


Eddie Macon's Run was an early role for several actors of note:


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