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Eddy Offord is a former record producer and recording engineer, who worked on some of the most famous progressive rock albums of the 1970s, often at London's Advision Studios. He is especially well known for his work with the groups Emerson, Lake & Palmer and Yes. ELP wrote a tribute to Offord with the song "Are You Ready, Eddy?", featured on their 1971 album Tarkus. Chris Squire of Yes described Offord's influence on their album Fragile with the following words: "Eddy Offord's maturity as a producer and engineer gives Fragile the sonic depth and sophistication it deserves and this made the album in fact 'fragile'".

In 1999, Offord retired from the music business. In an interview for Yes fan site "Notes From The Edge", he said that music no longer plays a big part in his life.

Offord currently lives part of the year in NYC and the rest of the time he travels the world on his sailboat with his wife Valma.

Some albums produced and/or engineered by Eddy Offord[edit]

  • Albums with APOSTLES (produced mixed engineered).
    • APOSTLES, (CD) Self titled (1992)
  • Album with David Sancious & Tone (as co-producer and engineer)
    • True Stories (1978)
    • Just As I Thought (1979)
  • Album with Art in America
    • Art in America (CBS/Pavillion 1983)
  • Album with Jay Aaron (as co-engineer & co-producer with Jay Aaron)
    • Jay Aaron Inside/Out (Warner Bros. 1990)
  • Albums with National Head Band
    • Albert 1 (1971)
  • Albums with Utopia (engineer on 2 cuts)
    • Ra (1977)

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