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Eddie Rosenstein
Eddie Rosenstein.jpg
Eddie Rosenstein in April 2015
Born Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Residence Brooklyn, New York
Alma mater Penn State
Occupation Filmmaking, director,

Edward "Eddie" Rosenstein is an American documentary filmmaker and president of Eyepop Productions, an independent film and reality television production company in Brooklyn, New York. He is known for the History Channel TV series Sandhogs, The Greatest Tunnel Ever Built (documentary) and Boatlift (short film).[1][2][3]

Early life and education[edit]

Edward Rosenstein was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film.[4][5]

Life and career[edit]

Rosenstein is the president of Eyepop Productions, a documentary film and reality TV production company founded in 1995 and based in Brooklyn, New York. He has been a documentary film and non-fiction television professor at New York Film Academy since 2008.[6]

Jonathan Larson, the Pulitzer Prize winning playwright of RENT, based the Mark Cohen character in large part on Eddie Rosenstein, who was his friend and frequent writing partner.[7][8][9]

Major works[edit]

His first film A Tickle In The Heart (as co-producer), premiered at the Berlin Film Festival and was released worldwide in 1996.[10][11] The feature-length documentary, The Gospel According to Mr. Allen,[12] which told the story of an embattled drug rehab in Harlem, won the Audience Award at Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, where it premiered in 2000.[5] The film was re-broadcast on A&E titled, Rehab: Tough Love in Harlem.[13] Between 2004 and 2007, Rosenstein co-directed the documentary Waging a Living for PBS's POV with Roger Weisberg, which followed four families for three years as they tried to raise themselves out of poverty. He also filmed the 16mm black-and-white footage from Mark Cohen's perspective for the feature film RENT in 2005.[14] In 2008, Rosenstein and Rick Velleu co-directed the independent documentary feature film, School Play.[15]

Rosenstein's short films include, Two Weddings (1999) which was included in the permanent collection of the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York;[16] segments of HBO's Real Sex; and Boatlift, narrated by Tom Hanks, which was shown at the U.S. National 9/11 Ten Year Anniversary event in Washington D. C. in 2011.[17][3] Rosenstein spent a year at Harlem's Addicts Rehabilitation Center[18] for The Gospel According to Mr Allen.[12] For the production of the documentary, The Greatest Tunnel Ever Built, he became a union miner to learn the trade of the Sandhogs and spent 3 months working in the tunnels under New York City. The film was produced and directed for History Channel in 2008[2] and later became the basis for Sandhogs,[1] which also ran on History Channel.[2] The eleven-hour docu-series Sandhogs was executive produced by Rosenstein for Eyepop Productions, along with Craig Piligian and Eddie Barbini for Pilgrim Films & Television, in Los Angeles.[19] Rosenstein executive produced the reality TV pilots Surveillance City[20] for truTV and Missing and Endangered[21] for A&E. He also produced the TV series How the States Got their Shapes and Chasing Tail both for the History Channel.[22]

The Freedom to Marry, a feature-length documentary film about the same sex marriage movement, premiered at Frameline Film Festival on June 25, 2016, played in film festivals worldwide and was theatrically released domestically in March 2017.[23][24][25]

Rosenstein also directs commercials and corporate branding films.

Awards and Recognition[edit]

Rosenstein was inducted in the Taylor Allderdice High School Hall of Fame in 2017.[26] In the 2010 Rincón International Film Festival, he won the Best Short Documentary and Audience Choice Best Comedy Short for Miss Shade is Missing (2010); Audience Choice Best Documentary for Sandhogs (2010); Best Documentary, Audience Choice Award Feature Film and Best of the Fest for School Play (2009).[27]

The Gospel According to Mr. Allen won the Audience Award in Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, First Place in Rhode Island International Film Festival, Golden Gate Awards in San Francisco International Film Festival, Honorable Mention in Big Muddy Film Festival and CINE Golden Eagle.[28]

The Freedom to Marry won the Best Documentary at Savannah Film Festival,[29] Audience Award for Feature Documentary at Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival.[30]



  • The Freedom to Marry (2016)[31]
  • The Greatest Tunnel Ever Built (2008)[2]
  • School Play (2008)[15]
  • Autobiography (2005)
  • The Gospel According to Mr. Allen (2000)[12]
  • A Tickle in the Heart (1996)[32]


  • Sandhogs TV Series (2008)[1]
  • P.O.V, Waging a Living (2006)[14]
  • The AMC Project: Reality People (2003)[33]
  • Real Sex (1992)

Short Films[edit]

  • Boatlift (2011)[3]
  • Rebuild (2011)[34]
  • Miss Shade is Missing (2010)
  • Two Weddings (1999)[16]


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