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Eddie Shu
Birth nameEdward Shulman
Born(1918-03-18)March 18, 1918
New York City
DiedJuly 4, 1986(1986-07-04) (aged 68)
St. Petersburg, Florida
Occupation(s)Jazz musician
InstrumentsTenor sax, alto sax, clarinet, trumpet, harmonica
Years active1940s–death
Associated actsCappy Barra Harmonica Band, Gene Krupa, Louis Armstrong, Lionel Hampton

Eddie Shu (né Edward Shulman; 18 March 1918[1] New York City — 4 July 1986 St. Petersburg, Florida, though he lived in Tampa) was an American swing and jazz multi-instrumentalist with high proficiency on tenor and alto saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, harmonica, and accordion. He also was a popular comedic ventriloquist. He is more known for his tenor playing, but he maintained, performed and recorded using his other talents throughout his jazz career.[2][3][4][5][6][7][8]


Shu learned violin and guitar as a child before picking up saxophone as a teenager. His professional career began in 1935 in Brooklyn. For the seven years leading up to his service in the United States Army, Shu performed in vaudeville and night clubs as a ventriloquist and a harmonica player with the Cappy Barra Harmonica Band.[9]

United States Armed Forces during World War II
Shu played in bands while serving in the Army from 1942 to 1945. Notably, he performed with Maurice Evans in the Pacific.[10] Shu had enlisted in the Army with Stan Harper and they were assigned a special unit put together to entertain the troops.[11]

Post-World War II, 1940s & 1950s
Following Shu's discharge from the Army, he performed with Tadd Dameron (1947), George Shearing, Johnny Bothwell, Buddy Rich, Les Elgart, Lionel Hampton (1949–1950), Charlie Barnet, Chubby Jackson, and Gene Krupa (1954–1958). Shu performed with Lionel Hampton's Orchestra at the famed Cavalcade of Jazz concert held at Wrigley Field in Los Angeles which was produced by Leon Hefflin, Sr. on July 10, 1949 and also at Lane Field in San Diego on Sept. 3, 1949.[12]

1960s, 1970s, 1980s
In the 1960s Shu moved to Florida, playing locally as well as with Louis Armstrong's All-Stars, Hampton, and Gene Krupa again. Shu was a member of the vocal jazz group Rare Silk in 1980. During this period, he performed with this group in and around Boulder, Colorado; and also performed a 6-week Department of Defense tour. Eddie Shu's final recording date on the Island Jazz Label "Shu-Swings" With The Joe Delaney Trio was recently re-issued in 2013, Shu was in top form on the date and plays tenor, alto saxophone's, clarinet, trumpet and also revisit's his 1954 78 single "Ruby" on chromatic harmonica. The Joe Delaney Trio which featured a then 20-year-old Delaney was their debut recording and went on to receive wide critical acclaim having been discovered in the Virgin Islands by Shu. Leonard Feather, L.A. Times & Down Beat Magazine

Death in 1986
Eddie Shu died in 1986 in St Petersburg, Florida, while living in Tampa.[13][14] Shu is buried at Bay Pines National Cemetery, near St. Petersburg.

Selected discography and recording sessions[edit]

As leader

  1. Eddie Shu Quintet

    New Stars-New Sounds, Volume 1 OCLC 57655333
    Mercer Records

    New York, April, 1949
  2. Eddie Shu & His Australian Jazz Group
    Sydney, Australia, August, 1954
  3. Eddie Shu Quartet
    I Only Have Eyes For Shu OCLC 762915656, 764633789
  4. Eddie Shu "Shu-Swings With The Joe Delaney Trio" Featuring Joe Delaney Piano, Alan Reed Bass, Philly Joe Jones or Connie Kay Drums Island Jazz Template:VIJ032540162

As sideman

  1. Jackie Paris with Leonard Feather
    New York, November 12, 1949
  2. Bobby Byrne and His NBC Dixieland Band versus Kai Winding and His Birdlanders
    Hot Versus Cool OCLC 10009389
    New York, June, 1953
  3. Mel Powell and His All Stars
    Jam Session at Carnegie Hall OCLC 276907338
    Concert, Carnegie Hall, New York, April 9, 1954
    (benefit concert for Lighthouse, the New York Association for the Blind)

As sideman with Gene Krupa

  1. Gene Krupa Trio †

    Sing, Sing, Sing OCLC 16993420

    New York, February 1, 1954
  2. Gene Krupa Quartet
    New York, December 14, 1954
  3. Gene Krupa Quartet OCLC 12628829
    Los Angeles, February 7, 1955
  4. Gene Krupa Quartet
    New York, March 10, 1955
  5. Gene Krupa Quartet
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  6. Gene Krupa
    Hall of Fame JG633
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  15. Gene Krupa Live at the New School
    April 17, 1973 CRD 207
Harmonica Shu Boogie, featuring Shu was recorded during these sessions

As sideman with Louis Armstrong
(Shu replaced Joe Darensbourg)

  1. NBC-TV "Bell Telephone Hour
    New York, February 2, 1965
  2. Louis Armstrong and His All Stars OCLC 79388919, 21402243
    Concert, Lucerna Halle
    Prague, March 12–18, 1965
  3. Louis Armstrong And His All Stars
    Concert, Friedrichstadt-Palast OCLC 21402243
    East Berlin, March 22, 1965
    (March 22 concert was broadcast on TV & radio)
  4. Louis Armstrong and His All Stars
    Concert, Palais des Sports, Paris
    First concert, June 4, 1965
    Second concert, June 4, 1965

As sideman with Lionel Hampton

  1. New York, 1966

As sideman with other artists

  1. We Are The Levitts OCLC 725392133
    New York, fall 1968
  2. Joe Bonner
    Impressions of Copenhagen OCLC 30381596
    Copenhagen, 1978–1979
  3. Eddie Shu Live! 1981
    John Shaffer Group
    Shu: tenor sax, trumpet & chromatic harmonica
    Sample: On Green Dolphin Street on YouTube December 17, 1981
    Mugsie's, Saint John, U.S. Virgin Islands


Eddie married Carol Lee Randolph on October 11, 1985, in Tampa, Florida. His son, Evan Shulman (né Ivan Shulman; born 1952 to a previous marriage to Alice Gonzalez from Los Angeles CA, is an active professional guitar player who resides in Hawaii.

Posthumous movie dispute[edit]

Carol Shulman, Eddie's widow, filed suit against Andy García, et. al in Los Angeles Superior Court claiming that he stole the identity of her late husband for the film, The Lost City. The film centers on a Cuban nightclub owner fleeing the country's oppressive regime for New York. Carol claimed that Eddie Shu was exiled from Cuba in 1958 — after Fidel Castro came into power — for exercising freedom of expression.[15]

Music in the Cuba during the 1950s, was not booming, but as the Havana City mafia tried to emulate Las Vegas — show business grew with the construction of hotels and small night clubs where jazz was predominate. Renowned international jazz stars performed in Havana City: Cab Calloway, Woody Herman, Tommy Dorsey, Nat King Cole, Sarah Vaughan, Dean Martin, Benny Goodman, and Frank Sinatra.

Success of Armando de Sequeira Romeu's house band at the Tropicana Club helped the club build the reputation as the Cuban Jazz Center. In 1957 a group of musicians, disc jockeys and Jazz fans joined in Havana City to exchange experiences with North American musicians. The main venues were Havana 1900 and the Tropicana. Funds collected were used by the Jazz Cuban Club to bring jazz musicians to the island, musicians that included Kenny Drew, Eddie Shu, and Philly Joe Jones.[16]


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