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Eddie Stevens is a British keyboardist, record producer, composer and arranger, best known for co-writing, arranging and touring with the UK groups Freakpower (with Norman Cook aka Fat Boy Slim); Moloko (as of 2000[1]); and Zero 7.[2]

He continued to work with the Moloko frontwoman, Róisín Murphy, on her solo projects since 2004.[3] After helping Murphy sequence the songs on Ruby Blue, Stevens became part of her live band throughout the 2005 European 'Ruby Blue' tour. In late 2007 and early 2008 Stevens toured with Murphy on her 'Overpowered' tour throughout Europe.

More recently he worked on the album Some People Have Real Problems with the Australian vocalist Sia Furler (which was released in early 2008).[4]

Stevens also forms half of the London-based electronic duo, Post Office; the other half being Daniel Darriba.[5]

In 2014 Stevens embarked on a two album project as producer and co-writer with Róisín Murphy which culminated in the albums Hairless Toys(2015) and Take Her Up to Monto(2016).

Another two album project was the multiple award-winning Moruša: Biela (2013) and Moruša: Čierna (2014) which Stevens produced and co-wrote with his partner Jana Kirschner.

The Post Office album "The Marylebone Greenwave" was released in 2015 by Minority Records.

Stevens has also produced records for Lao Che, Phototaxis, Paristetris, Blubalu, Para, Ofrin and Flip Top Box, among others.

Personal life[edit]

He lives with Slovak singer Jana Kirschner, they met during work on her album Krajina Rovina; they have two daughters; Matilda Janushka Stevens and Yolana Yolanda Stevens.[6]


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