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Official title design
Created byEdd Gould
Developed by
Voices of
  • Edd Gould
  • Tim Hautekiet
  • George Gould[1]
  • Thomas Ridgewell
  • Ed Templer
  • Matt Hargreaves
  • Tord Larsson
  • Jamie Spicer-Lewis
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Original languageEnglish
Executive producers
  • Chris Boldt
  • Andrew Stock
  • Rob DenBleyker
  • Desiree Karlsson
  • Chris Fitzgerald
  • James Edward Marks
  • Edd Gould
  • Thomas Ridgewell
  • Eddie Bowley
  • Christopher Bingham
  • Matt Hargreaves
Production companies
Original network
Original release6 June 2003 (2003-06-06) –

Eddsworld is a British[2][3] 2D Flash-animated web series created by Edd Gould. Since premiering on 6 June 2003, the series has been published through Newgrounds, DeviantArt, YouTube, Albino Blacksheep, Tumblr, the BBC,[4] SheezyArt, and their official website.[5]

Following Gould's death on 25 March 2012,[2] Thomas Ridgewell (the former voice actor of Tom) became the series' new showrunner, launching a crowdfunding campaign to continue the show titled Eddsworld: Legacy.[6][7][8] Preceding the release of Eddsworld: Legacy's final episode, Ridgewell announced he was leaving the show and handing control of the series to Matthew Hargreaves (voice actor of Matt) and Gould's family.[8][9] To this day, Hargreaves remains as the last original member of the foursome working on the series.

On 1 January 2017, the show's website went back online with new Eddsworld comics written and illustrated by Matt Hargreaves. On 1 August 2020, a new short titled "Fan Service 2" was released to kick off a new era of the show called Eddsworld Beyond, with Hargreaves as showrunner.[10] As of February 2023, the Eddsworld YouTube channel has more than 4 million subscribers.[11]

At the time of Gould's death, his YouTube channel had the most subscribers in the comedian category for the United Kingdom and was the 4th most viewed comedian in the United Kingdom. Eddsworld was noticed by the organisers of the 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference who commissioned an episode about climate change, used in the opening ceremony of the conference.[12][13]


Eddsworld follows the misadventures of a group of young adult "morons" living together in a house somewhere in the United Kingdom, London: Edd, an artist obsessed with Coca-Cola; Tom, a jaded nihilist and alcoholic who lacks eyeballs (It is constantly debated by the fandom whether he has eyes, or if they're just completely black); Matt, a dim-witted narcissist; and (prior to his departure) Tord, a trigger-happy Norwegian addicted to hentai, also a gun expert, (sort of communistic Interested) . The series is generally episodic, and typically has little, if any, continuity between episodes.

Cast and characters[edit]

The main characters prior to 25ft Under the Seat. Clockwise from bottom: Matt, Tom, Edd, Tord.


Character Voice actor
  • Eddsworld
  • (2004–2012)
  • Eddsworld: Legacy
  • (2012–2016)
  • Eddsworld Beyond
  • (2020–present)
Main characters
Edd Edd Gould Tim Hautekiet[a] George Gould
Tom Thomas Ridgewell Ed Templer
Matt Matt Hargreaves
Tord Tord Larsson[b] Jamie Spicer-Lewis Does not appear
Supporting characters
Eduardo Chris O'Neill Brock Baker
Jon Eddie Bowley Does not appear
Mark Benjamin Rudman
The Evil Director Christopher Bingham None Does not appear
Paul Paul ter Voorde Does not appear
Zanta Claws Josh Tomar
Santa Claus
Ell Does not appear Vicky Gould
Tamara Does not appear Chloe Dungate Rachel Kiki
Matilda Does not appear Alice Ann Stacey Jennifer Bingham

Main characters[edit]

The protagonists of Eddsworld are exaggerated parodies of series creator Edd Gould and his friends.

  • Edd (voiced by Edd Gould [2004–2012], Tim Hautekiet [2012–2016], George Gould [2020–present]) – An adventurous artist with a green hoodie who tells puns and likes Coca-Cola and bacon.
  • Tom (voiced by Thomas Ridgewell [2005–2016], Ed Templer [2021–present]) – A cynical alcoholic bass guitarist with a blue hoodie and empty eye sockets, frequently dragged along on Edd's adventures despite his protests.
  • Matt (voiced by Matt Hargreaves) – A self-obsessed, dim-witted narcissist with a purple hoodie, green overcoat, and a distinct chiseled chin (he originally just wore a black tee-shirt with "I Heart M@" printed on it).
  • Tord (voiced by Tord Larsson [2005–2008], Jamie Spicer-Lewis [2016]) – A trigger-happy, hentai-addicted Norwegian inventor with a red hoodie (also originally black) often seen smoking. He has a rivalry with Tom and dislikes "Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows". Tord moves away in the episode "25ft Under the Seat" to pursue his own interests, and returns with malicious intent in "The End (Parts 1 and 2)".

Supporting characters[edit]

  • Eduardo (voiced by Chris O'Neill [2010–2011], Brock Baker [2014–present]) – Edd's next-door neighbour and rival. He is obsessed with one-upping him and enjoys rubbing his misfortunes in his face.
  • Jon (voiced by Eddie Bowley [2010–2016]) – Eduardo's housemate and counterpart to Tom. He is extremely unintelligent, and is physically abused by Eduardo for petty reasons. He is killed in "The End (Part 2)" as an indirect casualty during the battle between Edd's friends and Tord.
  • Mark (voiced by Ben Rudman) – Eduardo's housemate and counterpart to Matt. Like his friends, he takes pleasure in constantly rubbing his neighbors' failures in their faces. After Jon's death, Mark comforts Eduardo during the latter's depression.
  • The Evil Director (voiced by Christopher Bingham) – A villainous film director who attempted to clone Edd and his friends to bolster the sales of his film in the episode "Spares". He is accompanied by his assistant Larry, who hardly tolerates his idiocy.
  • Paul (voiced by Paul ter Voorde [2008–2013]) – A Dutch military guard who takes on multiple roles throughout the series.
  • Zanta Claws (voiced by Josh Tomar) – A zombie Santa Claus intent on destroying Christmas. He attacks and murders anyone who he sees as naughty, his frequent targets being Edd and company, and has a grudge with his successor.
  • Ell (voiced by Vicky Gould) – The gender-swapped version of Edd.
  • Tamara (voiced by Chloe Dungate [2015], Rachel Kiki [2020–present]) – The gender-swapped version of Tom.
  • Matilda (voiced by Alice Ann Stacey [2015], Jennifer Bingham [2020–present]) – The gender-swapped version of Matt.


  1. ^ Archival recordings of Edd Gould are used in "Space Face (Part 1)" and "The End (Part 1)."
  2. ^ Voice acted until "25ft Under the Seat," with a guest appearance in "WTFuture."


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