Eddy van Hijum

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Eddy van Hijum

Yde Johan (Eddy) van Hijum (born April 17, 1972 in Delft) is a Dutch politician. As a member of the Christian Democratic Appeal (Christen-Democratisch Appèl) he was an MP from September 2, 2003 till November 11, 2014. He focused on matters of social security, income policy, dismissal law, labor participation policy and day care. Since November 12, 2014 he has been a member of the Gedeputeerde Staten of the province of Overijssel. He holds the portfolio of Economy, Energy and Innovation.[1] In the House of Representatives he was replaced by Martijn van Helvert.[2] He served in the States of Overijssel from 26 March 2015 to 20 May 2015.[3]

He served in the municipal council of Zwolle between 1998 and 2003.[3] On his departure from the House of Representatives he was made Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau.[4]


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