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A statue of musician Pista Dankó completed by Margo in the Zamadi chapel in 1910

Ede Margó (1871 Pest - 1944 Budapest) was a Hungarian sculptor and artist. His sculptural style integrated elements of impressionism and realism.

He is best known for his work on the Resort Chapel (Üdülőhelyi kápolna) in Zamárdi and the making of statues of Lajos Kossuth with Szigfrid Pongrácz for the towns of Arad (now in Romania) and Debrecen. His Kossuth Memorial in Arad, erected in 1909, was removed by the order of the Brătianu government in 1925. The bronze statues were kept in storage for decades together with György Zala's more famous Liberty Monument (also demolished in 1925 but restored in 2004). Their fate is unknown. In addition to statues used for decorating buildings he also modelled sepulchral monuments and independent compositions.

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