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Eden Games
Eden Studios (1998 - 2003)
IndustryVideo games
FounderDavid Nadal
Jean Yves Geffroy
Key people
David Nadal, CEO
ProductsTest Drive series
V-Rally series
Number of employees
WebsiteEden Games

Eden Games (known as Eden Studios until 2003) is a game development studio. In May 2002, the company was sold to the Infogrames Group.[1] It is most well known for the V-Rally series of games, as well as the 2006 release Test Drive Unlimited. They have most recently developed Test Drive Unlimited 2, which was released in February 2011 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. The company was a wholly owned subsidiary of Atari, SA. In 2013 Atari decided to close it. However, the company re-opened in 2014 under the impulsion of former employees and with the financing of ID Invest and Monster Capital. As of 2013, Eden Games have started up as a small independent games company, independent of Atari and releases its new game, GT Spirit, on Apple TV in December, 2015.

Games developed[edit]

Release Title Platform(s)
As Eden Studios
1998/1999 V-Rally Edition '99 Nintendo 64, PC
1999 V-Rally 2: Championship Edition/Need for Speed: V-Rally 2 PlayStation
1999 V-Rally 2: Expert Edition/Test Drive V-Rally Dreamcast, PC (PC version available in Europe only)
2000 Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed PlayStation
2002/2003 V-Rally 3 PlayStation 2, Xbox, Nintendo GameCube (GameCube version not released in North America)
As Eden Games
2003 V-Rally 3 PC (Europe only)
2003 Kya: Dark Lineage PlayStation 2
2004 Titeuf: Mega Compet PlayStation 2, PC (Game available in France only)
2006 Test Drive Unlimited Xbox 360, PC
2008 Alone in the Dark PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC
2011 Test Drive Unlimited 2 PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC
2015/2016 Gear.Club Apple TV, iOS, Android
2017 Gear.Club Unlimited Nintendo Switch
2018 Gear.Club Unlimited 2[2] Nintendo Switch


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