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Eden Garden Boarding School now called Eden Garden Secondary Boarding School is an English-medium school. It is a co-educational institution registered under the DEO of Lalitpur District, Nepal. It provides education in the pre-primary to secondary levels. Its aim is to develop an educational system which ensures the all-round development of students.[citation needed]


Eden Garden Boarding School was founded in 1999. Its founder, Augustin Lama, serves as principal of the school.

The school was in Kobahal, Patan, where the present Yala Newa International School is, until mid-2005. Eden Garden was later moved to Bagaldo, Chakupat, near Patan Dhoka. The school is connected by road to Patan Dhoka, Mangal Bazar, Sankhamul Bridge, Lagankhel, Pulchowk, and Jawalakhel.It has already been 13 complete years after the establishment of egbs. 2 slc batches have passed out of the school in which the both batches had a cent percent result. In the first batch,all students got first division and in the second batch three of them passed out with distinction all other with first division marks.

Its main language of instruction is English.