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Eden Gray (June 9, 1901 – January 14, 1999), was the professional name of Priscilla Pardridge, an American actress, and writer on the esoteric meanings of Tarot cards and their use in fortune-telling. In the 1960s, through her books, Gray had an integral part in the creation of the contemporary interest in esoteric Tarot in general, and the Waite-Smith Tarot deck and the Fool's Journey interpretation of the Tarot trump cards in particular.[citation needed] She was survived by her grandson, Daniel H. Cohen, the professional water marbler. He lives to share her legacy.


  • Tarot Revealed: A Modern Guide to Reading the Tarot Cards. Inspiration House, New York, 1960. reprinted, Signet Books 1969
  • Recognition: Themes on Inner Perception, Inspiration House, 1969
  • A Complete Guide to the Tarot. Bantam Books and Crown Publishers, New York, 1970
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Dutch editions[edit]

  • Het geheim van de Tarot: de magische kaarten die verleden en toekomst onthullen, translated by Wim Gijsen, Kosmos-Z&K, 1996

Spanish editions[edit]

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